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Mastering the Dynamics 365 Business Application Platform

Mastering the Dynamics 365 Business Application Platform

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Mastering the Dynamics 365 Business Application Platform 

This course builds on your existing knowledge of customizing the core features of Dynamics 365.

The focus is on learning next-level options to customizing a Dynamics 365 implementation for Sales and Service.  You are already familiar with out-of-box platform tools and customization basics, now get hands-on experience with automating tasks via Business Rules, Workflow and Business Process Flows.  Learn design impacts of the Unified Client Interface and discover Microsoft Flow.

This class can help prepare you for the MB2-716 exam.

Audience: Business Analysts, Consultants, Architects, Developers, System Integrators, Project Managers

Join us for an in-depth three day (1/2 days) class on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) Customization and Configuration Best Practices. 

Instructor - Lindsay Marrin, MCT

Spots are limited for this training, so register today.

Content Details

Day 1

Customization and Configuration in Dynamics 365

  • Overview of Dynamics 365
  • Licensing and Connection Options
  • Examine Supporting Technologies
  • Solution Management (versions, patches, merge)
  • Lab: Create a Solution and Publisher

Advanced Security Model

  • Review of Dynamics 365 Security Model
  • Owner Teams vs. Access Teams
  • How Hierarchy Security Impacts Security
  • Using Field Level Security
  • Lab: Configure Users and Teams
  • Lab: Configure Security Roles

Entity Customization in Dynamics 365

  • Entity Customization Concepts
  • Overview of Virtual Entities
  • Lab: Create a Custom Entity

Day 2

Field Customization in Dynamics 365

  • Using Roll-up Fields
  • Using Alternate Keys
  • Status and Status Reason Transitions
  • Filter Settings in Unified Client Interface
  • Lab: Create Calculated and Rollup Fields
  • Lab: Configure Field Security

Customizing Forms

  • Unified Client Interface Design Notes
  • Specialized Form Components
  • Card Forms in Unified Client Interface
  • Using Controls, Web Resources and Iframes
  • Lab: Modify UCI Form Layout and Add Controls
  • Security Review
  • Role-based forms
  • Lab: Create and Configure an Access Team Template

Using Themes and Apps

  • Modifying Dynamics 365 Themes
  • Lab: Create and Apply a Theme
  • Visual App Designer 
  • Lab: Create a Dynamics 365 Application Using App Designer

Building Business Rules

  • Overview of Business Rules
    • Business rule Structure and Design
    • Using Conditions and Actions
  • Lab: Create a Business Rule

Day 3

Processes in Dynamics 365

  • Creating Workflows
  • Using Custom Actions
  • Business Process Flows
    • Using Steps, Stages and categories
    • Conditional Branching
    • Task Flows
  • Lab: Create a Multi-Entity Business Process Flow
  • Lab: Create a Workflow

Introducing Microsoft Flow

  • Automating Dynamics 365 with Flow
  • Using the Mobile App
  • Lab: Create a Button Flow
  • Flow Templates and Connectors
  • Lab: Create a Flow from a Template
  • Managing and Troubleshooting your Flows
  • Lab: Create an Approval Flow

        Computers are Required

        Each student must have their own Dynamics 365 application for the duration of the class. You will be provided with details on how to set up an environment prior to your class. 

        This training includes interactive lessons and hands-on labs, please have your PC ready with audio/video capabilities.  We recommend using a modern browser for the richest hands-on experience. 

        Students should allow some time before or after class hours to continue hands-on labs (approx 1 hour daily). 

        Training Locations and Times 

        This is a virtual class.
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        Class Hours: 1PM - 5PM (Eastern)

        Registration Policy

        All registrations are pending approval by DynamicsU Corporation.