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Nudging the Knowledge Base

Nudging Tech

Every “nudging” article is meant to nudge you and technology in a certain direction, with the goal to improve business and technical decision making. Technology is only as perfect as the Homo Technicus* behind it, let’s nudge it!

Knowledge Base Background

The current knowledge management engine sports some hidden elements under the “Embedded Knowledge Search” umbrella.

Enabling a custom entity for the Knowledge Search is a simple exercise of checking the box in the right place.




You get an error:

Digging deeper, the downloaded error details are:


Behind the scenes the Dynamics 365 platform is trying to create a new custom entity prefixed as usual with msdyn_ for the Microsoft publisher and with a suffix of _know or sometimes _knowledge ?!?!?

It seems that the automatic creation of this entity is only allowed if the new name is within certain limits I did not experiment with increasing the custom entity by one letter at a time, please feel free to try different lengths as I would be curious if there is a definite number. I only know that a 30-character internal name of a custom entity (including the publisher prefix) is too long.

The Nudge

The internal custom entity name should be shorter than 30, and 25 still works.

Happy Nudgings!

* In his bestselling book Nudge, Richard Thaler (winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in economics) introduced the concept of Homo Economicus – humans thinking and choosing unfailingly well from an economical perspective.  In this series of blogs, I have extended this definition to Homo Technicus – humans thinking and choosing unfailingly well from a technical perspective.

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